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Venice - The Little Moments

21 August, 2022

Little moments that made Venice great:

The lovely Italian waiter that caught me waving to the fish in the random fish tank in the wall (yes it’s in the wall) and explained to me in Italian that the fish usually get shy and run away but weren’t running from me. (Oddly enough my Spanish language classes did well for me in understanding Italian)

Managing to stumble upon a small hidden gem of a Church where a simple Euro coin could get a look and nice stroll around the magnificent architecture of this place. ( the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta detta I Gesuiti to be exact)

Our nameless front desk worker at our hotel speedwalking us down the alleyways to bring us to our building. I honestly had never seen someone walk so fast in my life.

A meal on the water of the Grand Canal that was honestly one of the most beautiful experiences we’ve had in Venice.

Overall Venice felt like a dreamy city, a place where no matter what alleyway you turn down it seems that a new story is waiting to be told.



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