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Milan - The Fever Dream

24 August, 2022

To be frankly honest, Milan felt like a fever dream. But she’s big… I’ll give her that.

We made it to Milano Centrale train station around 5pm and were immediately dazed and confused by the city on our half-mile walk to our hotel. Nothing was open, and nobody was on the streets. This may have been less confusing if we had gotten in super early or super late, but it all seemed like a Twilight Zone feel for an afternoon on a Monday.

Alas, we made do with what we had and saw all the sights. We wandered up the duomo, ventured to the galleria, and then found that Milan is a one-day city for quick traveling. To kill some time as we were hotelless and waiting for an overnight train, we wandered to the Castello Sforzesco… which also felt like a fever dream.

By the end of our two hours of wandering through an armory, ancient art section, tapestry area, Michelangelo exhibit made up of a single statue, musical instrument museum, and the cutlery area, we had sufficiently made progress on getting closer to our train departure.

We finished the day in Milan with a meal in the Galleria before getting a worrisome email from our train company about potential carriage issues. After trying to call and getting no answer, we ended up at Milano Lambarte an hour early to try to speak to someone. Needless to say, the entire train station was closed, and nobody was checking tickets for anything, so we sat on the platform for an hour and finally relaxed when we heard German being spoken around us.

Anywho… we made it on the train and are now in Germany…

Gute Nacht,


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