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Florence - A City of Warmth

20 August, 2022

If there’s one way to describe Florence compared to Rome, it would be warm. Not only in the physical sense but also in the general feel and vibe. The people here seem calmer, as if they’re taking in everything around them daily, even if they have seen it hundreds of times.

Our Bed and Breakfast owner greeted us happily with a map at the ready to tell us exactly where to go and what route was best to take (and is the sole reason for the fantastic view we had of the city at sunset.)

Wandering the streets of Florence was easy, engulfed in the Italian atmosphere and enjoying quiet chatter with my friend that joined me for the first week of my European journey. Our day was spent in constant laughter that broke out in song every time we mentioned the great David, an inside joke that soon became our queue to smile laugh for every selfie and photo.

Overall this city has that taste of home that you need when you’re thousands of miles away… something like a piece of comfort in the unknown.

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