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April 2019
I'm finding my way as a writer, and sometimes that means exploring where and how I'm sharing my writing. I started writing at Medium in March, and it's been pretty amazing so far. I'm still writing here, but am over there more often, so please come see me there or visit my main page.



Welcome to Ready, Set, Hope!  This page is a potpourri of  words.  You'll find that feminism, fat/body/sex-positive life, and family come up quite often.

I have words in my blood.  I've been a writer for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I wrote stories and then continued to start a journal when I was in 5th grade. In my possessions, you would come across 20+ journals penned between 5th grade and high school, stories I wrote when I was in 2nd grade, a massive binder full of poetry I wrote as a teenager (mostly embarrassing now), high school newspapers with articles I wrote, pieces on everything from horse ulcers to cocktails that I wrote for online article marketing and blog posts,  short stories, the start of a novel or two, and the bare bones of at least one memoir.

For now, Ready, Set, Hope is the place I bare my soul.  One of my favorite things about writing is connecting with people in that deep-down, heart filling way that makes us all feel less alone.  I've been blogging for around 10 years off and on, and I love it.  I know some people think blogs are dead, but this one is alive and kicking, and I have favorites I've been reading since I started a decade ago.  They are funny, touching, beautiful, and full of all kinds of stories and art.

Rachael Hope

My name is Rachael, and I was born in November, 1980 in Pennsylvania - a piece of my heart still lives in Philly.  That piece of my heart is probably chowing down on a cheesesteak right now.  I'm a polyamorous, creative, loud-laughing, unapologetic feminist and empath.

I live in Bellingham, WA, which is about an hour and a half north of Seattle. It's a college town, not too big, not too small. I love the creative atmosphere and living close to my Mom, who is just about the best mom in the world. There are tons of places to go walking and lots of parks to play in. If you're visiting Bellingham, you should definitely check out Boulevard Park, Village Books, Black Sheep (best carnitas ever), La Fiamma, Miller's Back Door, Wink Wink, Pure Bliss, and Mallards.  I hope you're hungry!

I have an ex-husband who I was with for 14 years who has now transitioned to life as a woman. It can get confusing sometimes that my kids have 2 moms (3 if you count their stepmom) but I wasn't in a lesbian marriage!  I have a wonderful partner who has become a wonderful father to my kiddos, and who I don't know what I would do without.  The transition from what I thought was my forever family into a split household for my kids was difficult, but in the end I'm just grateful they have so many people in this world who love and support them.

I have a degree from the University of Washington in Business Administration. I had the privilege of being a stay at home mom for over six years and started work full time as an administrative assistant/office manager in October 2012.  Since then I've worked in payroll, HR, administration, records management, and more, and I recently got what I hope is my forever-job at a local utility.  In 2019 I'm studying to take the test to get my aPHR certification.

In my "free time" - that's in quotes because you all know what I mean - I enjoy cross-stitching, practicing hand-lettering, drawing mandalas, and most anything creative.  I enjoy photography, especially macro and nature/plant photography but don't do it as much as I used to.  I love making art and beautiful things, especially to give as gifts.  Check out my art instagram for some of my creative work!  I have an enormous collection of unicorns (250+ items, including 3 tattoos). 

The Family

I have a little pretty giant boy named Sam who was born in 2006 and currently navigating middle school like a boss, despite my projected trepidation.  He is now taller than all of his grandma's, and I think I'm next.

I have a still-little-ish boy named Danny who surprised me in 2010 by being born at home even though I planned to have him at the birth center.  He is currently tackling 3rd grade with gusto, and impressing us all with his skills at the piano.

My boyfriend's name is Scott and he is the most fantastic partner I ever could have hoped for.  He grounds me and makes me feel safe, and also does most of the cooking.  Jackpot!  I can only hope to give him back even a quarter of what he gives to me.

We have two cats, Cat Mulder and Nimbus.  They are assholes, as most cats tend to be, but also very cute, fluffy, and cuddly.

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