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April 2019
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Friday, June 10, 2016

82 Things That Are Not Consent

  1. Being pretty.
  2. Being thin.
  3. Being curvy.
  4. Having large breasts.
  5. Having a nice butt.
  6. Having self-confidence.
  7. Wearing tight clothes.
  8. Wearing short skirts.
  9. Wearing make-up.
  10. Wearing no bra.
  11. Showing cleavage.
  12. Wearing heels. 
  13. Wearing thigh high boots.
  14. Wearing garter belts.
  15. Wearing a bikini.
  16. Wearing no clothes.
  17. Taking sexy pictures.
  18. Taking boudoir pictures.
  19. Taking nude pictures.
  20. Being a model.
  21. Being a Sex worker.
  22. Walking.
  23. Walking with a bounce in your step.
  24. Swaying your hips.
  25. Walking in a bad part of town.
  26. Dancing.
  27. Dancing in a bar.
  28. Dancing in a club.
  29. Dancing on a pole in a strip club.
  30. Dancing naked.
  31. Buying condoms.
  32. Carrying condoms.
  33. Being on birth control.
  34. Having slept with someone before.
  35. Sleeping with someone else.
  36. Sleeping with lots of someone elses.
  37. Sleeping in your own bed.
  38. Sleeping in a friend's bed.
  39. Sleeping in a strangers bed.
  40. Really, any kind of sleeping. 
  41. Being on a college campus.
  42. Being in the military.
  43. Being in a foreign country.
  44. Being in the city.
  45. Speaking to a man.
  46. Speaking to a woman.
  47. Speaking to an athlete.
  48. Dating an athlete.
  49. Liking parties.
  50. Going to a party.
  51. Going to a frat party.
  52. Going to a dungeon party.
  53. Going to a swingers party.
  54. Drinking drinks at a party.
  55. Being alone at a party.
  56. Passing out at a party.
  57. Drinking alcohol.
  58. Getting drunk.
  59. Taking drugs.
  60. Flirting.
  61. Laughing at someone's jokes.
  62. Being sex positive.
  63. Being kinky.
  64. Being outspoken.
  65. Being promiscuous.
  66. Going on a date with someone.
  67. Letting someone buy your dinner.
  68. Letting someone buy you a drink.
  69. Letting someone pay for a cab.
  70. Accepting a gift from someone.
  71. Chatting with someone online.
  72. Being on a dating website.
  73. Giving someone your phone number.
  74. Kissing someone.
  75. Going to someone's house.
  76. Being alone with someone.
  77. Being quiet.
  78. Saying "I'm not sure."
  79. Saying "Not tonight."
  80. Saying "Stop."
  81. Saying "No."
  82. Saying NOTHING.

Just seemed like some people were confused, so I thought I could help.

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